My Voice, My Language, MyCulture

My Voice, My Language, MyCulture

Is there something in particular you love about living in Coventry? Do you speak a home language other than english? Would you like to share your culture with others?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we’d like to invite you to take part in our ‘My Voice, My Language My Culture’ Competition in partnership with Sidney Stringer Academy and Ernesford GrangeAcademy.

There are three categories, and you can choose to submit an entry to one, two or all three of them – and you will receive a £10 Amazon voucher just for taking part!



My Voice
We would like you to send usa voice recording of something you like about living in Coventry.

My Language
We would like you to write out a poem, nursery rhyme or song from your culture in your first language (not English), and then write a short explanation of the why you chose it, where it comes from, and why it is important to you (no more than half a page). This part must be written in English.

My Culture
We would like you to send us a photo of something that represents your culture. We would also like you to send a short description of why you chose this photo. We only accept photos you have taken, unfortunately we cannot accept photos or text found on internet. Your submission needs to be original and created by you.

We will be awarding 3 prizes to students in each key stage!

First place £50 Amazon voucher
Second place £30 Amazon voucher
Third place £20 voucher

You will have between 28th of June and 5th of July to submit your work.
Please speak to your teachers for more information and guidance.


Submission Form :