Marketing and Subtitles

Marketing Your Content
Getting your YouTube content seen by a wide audience requires digital marketing skills.  Key words in your title and description will help, but the best way to increase views is to ensure you share your video on social media.  To do this, right click on your video on YouTube and select “copy video url”.  Go to your chosen social media platform and login.  Create a post and click “paste” and the link to your content will be added. Publishing regular content is the best way to develop a regular following on YouTube.  It is easier to achieve this if you make very short content, e.g. 10 one minute films is easier to make than one ten minute one.  It is also a good way to perfect your skills.  Online audiences often prefer short content, so publish regular, short films which have a clear link in theme.  Examples might be “1 minute with me – DIY smartphone film making”.  You will also need to try to create a network of people who can share your content on social media.  Finally, you need to learn how YouTube suggests video content to viewers.

To understand how YouTube works, watch this.

Here’s some more advanced advice:

Adding Subtitles

Our YouTube channel will be used by people from many different countries.  Providing subtitles in your native language means that others can use YouTube settings to translate those subtitles into a language of their choice, e.g. Spanish to Polish.  You only need to provide subtitles in your native language, YouTube will do the rest.