Filming Your Story

Setting Up Your Phone

There are a few things you need to check when setting up your phone:

  1. Have you got enough data storage for your phone or camera?
  2. Do you have enough battery power?
  3. Is your phone set to airplane mode to stop any interruptions when filming?

Video files can be large so you will need to transfer your footage to the cloud or to a laptop regularly.  This will ensure you keep as much space free on your phone as possible and will give you a vital back up.

Using a Paid App

The control you have over your phone camera is limited so using an app can give you more creative control.  We advise you to use the app “Filmic Pro” to help you to control exposure and improve the quality of your film.  A quick start guide on using this app is available, for information on updates please visit the website.

Further tutorials can be accessed here or on the Filmic Pro YouTube channel.

Using a Free App

If you would prefer to use a free app, we recommend Cinema FV-5 Lite.

Improving Focus and Exposure

Having mastered the basic set up, you will want to have more control (beyond the automatic settings) and move to manual mode.

Next step is to set up audio and lighting.