Editing Your Story

Using Hitfilm

We recommend using free software Hitfilm to edit your film.  The software is designed to be used for both compositing (special effects) and editing.  Hitfilm has a large community of users, so you are able to ask questions to the community to help you with editing.

How to Install
Hitfilm want everyone to know their software, so unusually they will ask you to share a link on Facebook or Twitter to announce to your contacts that you are using it.  Here’s how:

Making a Rough Edit

The first step is to make a rough cut, which mean taking your footage and putting it on a timeline in Hitfilm so you can see how your story is shaping up.

Improve your edit

Once you have a rough cut, next you will want to make some improvements to make your story have as much impact at possible cutting out anything that distracts from your message.

Colour Correction

To decide if you need to correct the colour in your film, look at something white within it – is it pure white or is there a tint of colour that should not be there?  The same applies to black, is the black in your film pure black?  Let’s look at how to make corrections to improve colour in your film starting with black and white.

Next step is to render your film