Audio and Lighting

Audiences will stop watching if your audio is poor.  When you arrive at your location you need to listen to the space.  Background sound can help to tell the audience where you are, but if you are recording an interview with someone we must be able to hear them clearly above the background sound.

To be able to get good sound you will almost always need to be using an external connected microphone, one that you have to plug in using a cable and not the one that is built into the phone or camera.

Different locations will certainly have different light levels or brightness. To be able to get a good image on camera it is sometimes necessary to add extra lighting to light your shot to a usable level.

Illustrating your points with cutaways
Think about the key points you want to make with your story.  The main features of your story should be illustrated with cutaways.  For example, if your story is about street art, we want to hear why street art is important to you, as you talk about it you can show cutaways which show street artists working.  Cutaways help to maintain your viewers interest – they will need breaks from your piece to camera which may be a static camera angle, your cutaways can have camera movement which gives your film some momentum.

Next step is to think about camera movement.