Make a Film

This guide is designed to help you to produce your own films about cultural heritage and cultural practices.  We will talk you through the film making process to help you plan your story, set up your equipment and edit the final film.  You can watch this video to guide you through the planning process:

Video is your communication tool, but you will need to decide what the story is that you want to tell (your message).  Our lives, our culture is about what you think of as culture and how this brings different people together around a common interest (sport, art, music, digital etc).  Think about the people you have met through your interest; if you didn’t do this activity would you have met as many different cultures?  What have you learnt from them? Remember that your story is likely to explore these ideas rather than to give a definitive answer.  You may need to make a separate film about this, but you can gather your footage at the same time.

For example – How many different ways does your group greet people? What do you have in common and what are your differences? Can you date anyone you like?  Do you feel like you fit in with this group more than others – why?

What do you think culture is?

Try to remember times when you discovered cultural differences in your group.  A difference could be something as simple as how we greet each other, the food we eat, how we dress or style our hair or perhaps a different philosophy on how to live life or our sense of humour.  For some, it can be about how we define ourselves.

Your story needs to be simple, so you can explore it in greater depth.  If you plan a complicated story and try to include too much (locations, interviews, topics), what you are trying to say (your message) will become confused.  This is called the message – what the film is trying to say to the audience.

TIP – To find your message, try to write one sentence describing what
your film is about

For example – Why street art brings different people together, How meeting Marc changed my views on my city, My goal in my sport

Think about what is your own heritage and the things you do that might be traditional or you feel identifies you in society.  Think about what do you want to say to your audience and how can you show this, both verbally and visually.

Firstly, you need to make some key decisions:

Crew – Will you make this film yourself or with a partner?

Editing – Will you edit on a laptop or on your phone?

Locations – Where do you plan to film? How will you get there? Do you need permission to film there?

Safety – How will you make sure your crew and their equipment are safe when filming?

Interviewees – Will you be interviewing anyone to get their opinion or details on a subject? What questions need to be asked to make the story interesting?